IT Consulting

My IT consulting services focus on advising your business on how best to implement and use IT Infrastructure to meet your business needs. It is aimed at small to medium sized companies as well as start-ups.


I am an independent consultant which means that when you use my services, my loyalties and interests are the same as your own. I give external objective advice and will make recommendations that are in your interests and fit your strategy. I am not employed by suppliers or their agents.


I can help you to put together proposals to take your IT infrastructure to the next level. This could be something as simple as replacing a few PCs or changing your ISP, through to virtualization of your environment. Both small and large issues need to be addressed properly if you are to get the most benefit for your company. I can support the process for your company from the first discussions through to a complete project, to implement recommendations. I can speak with suppliers to ensure that they are not overselling.  TCO is an important theme and we can start this in the first instance by finding a strategy and standardizing from the start.


I can assist you in writing and implementing IT policy and procedures. These can be as simple or complex as you need aligning to your business strategy.


The value of my services to you is my ability to appraise your current situation, to then optimize it and ensure it is fully supported. This is in addition to helping you to choose products and brands to use in future.