Interim Management

It can happen at any time, the sudden departure of a key leader for whatever reason. Restructuring, acquisition, outsourcing (or insourcing) need a stop gap manager. I have been through both sides and came out in one piece.  Your business must continue as normal. This is where the Interim IT manager comes in providing management and leadership through sometimes difficult times.


As an experienced IT Infrastructure manager I am able to come into your company feet moving before I touch the ground. With over 30 years in global organisations, working in IT management, operations and projects, I understand the workings of an IT Infrastructure department from the floor up. I will solve everyday problems, the medium term goals and the long term strategy. The ever changing needs and priorities of the business, lack of information, a need to get compliance up to speed, never forget continual improvement, the list goes on.  I have lived these things through more than once, and will continue to experience them repeatedly.


You may be in a position that you need a manager for a short assignment till a final decision is made. It could be that the boat is rocking and needs to be brought back onto an even keel.
I can assist you in choosing the right person for the long term without having to make a rush decision that could later be regretted.


So if you are in a period of transition, crisis or change within your organisation and need reliable, objective, flexible and loyal support to lead your IT infrastructure efforts, contact me now.