IT Services made to measure.

IT plays an important role for almost every company in the marketplace today whatever size or field of business they may be involved in. A solid and reliable infrastructure is required to carry, store and secure the information which is so important to your business today and to ensure it is available in the future.


With over 30 years’ experience I can offer you a range of independent and tailored IT services to support your company’s IT Infrastructure needs. I have worked on Infrastructure management, operational and projects within Global organisations and can offer you my extensive knowledge and experience on a fair deal.

  • You may be a major company needing some interim management support to cover a short fall due to Maternity leave or you may be reorganising but not ready to make a final commitment.

  • An Infrastructure project coming up? Your operational staff are fully stretched already and even the planning is not happening. This needs to be managed and moved forward to keep you competitive.

  • A start-up or an expanding small to medium sized business that needs some guidance.  

Look no further. On my web site I explain the services I can offer to fulfil your needs. If you use my services I am on your side and represent your interests in discussions with suppliers, staying neutral from which manufacturer could or should be used and keeping a keen eye out for potential savings for you.