On a freelance / contract basis I offer a range of IT Infrastructure Management services to benefit you and your company.


Quality, value for money and flexibility that a large supplier could not compete with. From start-ups through medium size to large companies, I can help you. I have over thirty years’ experience in IT management, daily operations and projects within global operating companies.


Interim Management:
It can happen at any time, the sudden departure of a key leader for whatever reason,  Takeover of another company or separation from your present parent company,  Your business must continue as normal. In addition to major changes that may have to be made. I can come in and keep your business on the road filling a gap till a final solution is made.


Project Management:
I have instigated, lead and participated in many IT Infrastructure projects over the years,  using tried and tested methods of project management.  I can take the strain away from your operational IT leadership. For the company management I can present project plans for approval and report the progress on a regular basis without them having to repeatedly get involved in minor details which should be dealt with elsewhere,  allowing you to get on with your own job with peace of mind that projects are being properly managed.


Small to medium size companies often need additional expertise to take their company IT to the next level. Start-ups often require guidance to get started. IT Budgeting, Strategy and policy are a starting point, you then have to move on to the real thing and implement reliable easy to understand and use IT systems and procedures that benefit your company.

Save yourself the time and frustration of worrying if you made the right decision. I can help you to source suppliers for equipment, service, initial setup and ongoing service. Negotiation of service levels that are right for your company and not for the supplier.

I am independent and will be working for the interests of your company.